9 Amazing Genie Capture HacksHolidays are most awaitedtime to just lay low and have some “me” time. Either winters or summers, we allcrave a due break from the hectic routine after working all year, These 9amazing GenieCapture e-learning hackswill sure cut you some slack and get more of the work done in less time. These GenieCaptureassets will make you look like a pro!Let’s begin..

Shall we?Get it Done Speedily1.Take high-quality ScreenShotsWhen using Screen Capture tool of GenieCapture, zoom in on the area youneed to capture to reduce pixelation and avoid blurry images. It enablesaudience to take high-quality and easily merge-able images without having to gothrough hell of steps.

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Simply go to the web recording feature and make ithappen.SNAP SHOT FROMAPPLICATION2.Sharpen ScreenShotsGenieCapture Video Simulation featureis imbedded with several tools to sharpen your text-heavy screenshots andultimately improve readability factor to a notch for the learners.

Instructors canfilter out the screen to make it easily understandable for every OS user. Noneed to squint your eyes anymore to read your content material.SNAP SHOT FROMAPPLICATION 3. Create Vivid VideosVideo productioncan be a quite costly and time consuming process, but including your own eLearning videos in your eLearningcourses may certainly worth the effort. With GenieCapture, create most vividand realistic videos to produce a highly interaction experience for yourlearners. GenieCapture records high-definition (HD) videos, regardless of thebrand and model you choose.4. Distortion FreeAudio RecordingGenieCapture believes, the most successful eLearning courses are thosethat are all-encompassing and allow learners to become fully immersed in thelearning process.

Audio recording in eLearning helps your learners to notonly acquire the content more efficiently, but to relate more effectively tothe information too, so that they can store it for later use. GenieCaptureenables the instructor to record voice with minimal distortion and white noisewith high quality recording tool.SNAP SHOT FROMAPPLICATION5.

Edit Videos and ImagesIn fact, many e-learning audience arein rush to find the best software to edit their videos to the perfection, oftentimes it gets tricky. Either you are unable to find the affordable software orhave no time left to get it done on schedule, with GenieCapture, one can easilyand quickly edit their images and videos by following simple steps. Create andedit your videos and images on one platform that gets it done perfectly anddiligently. Better than complex software tools. Edit audio and video within your GenieCapturetutorials quickly and affordably.

Just-in-Time training and learning requiresquick development in order to deliver essential information. Instead of usingcomplicated media editors and multiple programs, create and edit audio andvideo all in one place and produce rapid e-learning content SNAP SHOT FROMAPPLICATION6.Save up Templates, FastWithGenieCapture, you can build world-class slides and save significant time whileyou create the most professional training possible. As an instructor, all youneed to do is focus on content so you can illustrate like an expert. Save upyour social life from getting extinct and Store you hard work as you move alongthe application.

Each document in the development phase can be stored as adraft form until and unless you are satisfied to publish it to the audience. Polish your e-learning skills and create a masterpiece with GenieCapture. SNAP SHOT FROMAPPLICATION7.Customize ToolbarGenieCapture will help you integrate and customizetoolbar in your eLearning design and development process in order to create ahighly effective and engaging eLearning experiences for your learners. Take a cue and be the part of GenieCapture, and customize your own QuickAccess Toolbar. It enables the user to add frequently used functions to thetheir own customized tool to avoid the delay.

It not only produces customizedtool bar but keep logs of activities performed on the application.SNAP SHOT FROMAPPLICATION8.Track ActivitiesTracking learners’ activity offers you the means tofine tune your eLearning course and gain invaluable insight into learners’behavior. Software Simulation tool, providesGenieCapture audience the means to keep track of activities. This tracking techniqueinvolves monitoring the pages in your eLearning course that have been clickedon by your learners.

You can then get reports, which will give you theopportunity to gain insight into how many tab a particular student clicked andhow long each learner stayed on a specific page. By using thistool, instructor can set quizzes and how to scenarios to guide students as theymove along in their learning process. Instructors can set hurdles along thepath and reprimand if taken the wrong set of route.

Making the e-learningpersonalized has never been more easy and simple. SNAP SHOT FROM APPLICATION9.Storytelling with GenieBoardStorytellinghas always been a part of human history, traces can be seen as far as the cavepaintings to todays mass-produced storybooks. In eLearning, when used canmotivate, engage and even spark behavioral changes and improve the performanceof the learners.

GenieCapture with its board recording tool in a three-prongedfeature “Video Simulation Features” enables the instructors to createcaptivating content to capture the attention of the mass audience. User can add  photos or illustrations in combination withrecorded or well-written dialogue to tell a story without large expenses. Use this simple tool to create an immersive story. Cleverly control whenand how information appears, while empowering your learners to control thepace. SNAP SHOTFROM APPLICATION