The school is fulfilling only some sensual functions of the society. Therefore the society and its various units must always be prepared to help the school whenever necessary. The parents must never doubt the sincerity of the school and they must never interfere in its activities. They should provide all that the school demands for the education of their wards. It is not possible for any society to provide opportunities for the development of all. Hence mutual co-operation between the society and various schools is very necessary.

The schools of urban or rural areas should serve as social centers for education and recreation of adults. In the social centers local problems of industries and general occupations may be discussed for finding out acceptable solutions. We should keep in mind the following points for establishing a close relationship between society and school:— 1.

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The needs of the local people should be ascertained. As far as possible, the school should try to meet them. 2.

Community resources should be found out. The teachers should try to find the numbers of workers engaged in the local agricultural fields, factories, shops, gardens and laboratories. 3. The services of the all available social institutions in the state should be utilized as far as possible. 4. The society should be the starting point in any aspect of the curriculum.

5. It will not be useful to teach everything. The children should be acquainted with only some local experiences. Then alone they will learn something useful.

6. The students should be given all facilities to form their own programmes. 7. Each one should be given the knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic. 8.

It is just possible that everything cannot be taught through the school programme. So the students should be given a list c literature in order that they learn something on their own. 9.

The curriculum should be so flexible that changes may t introduced in it according to the needs of various individuals.