Having decided to the format to be used in research report, the researcher has how to pre­pare the report outline in accordance with the format A typical outline based on the reporter logical format as follows:-

1) Title Page:

The title page should indicate the topic on which the report has been prepared it the person who has prepared it, the person whom it has been written and the date of sub­mission of the report all the things including in the title of the page.

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2) Letter of Transmittal:

This indicates the official who has authorised or sponsored the research and the offi­cial to whom the reports it addressed.

3) Table of Contact:

Unless the report is extremely bring if it should contain a table of conent to guide the reader as to what it contains when a researcher report contains. When a researcher report contents a number of statistical table, chart, figures, or illustration a separate table for each of these categories should be given immediately often the table of con­tent.

4) Introduction:

The introduction deals with the genesis of report. It explain why the study was under taken the statement and formulation on the problem formulation and by pothouses.

5) Methodology:

The reporter should described the methodology used in studying the problems. If a sample server has been undertaken the reporter should undertake the type of sample designed used. Its size and the number of research worker employed in the work super­visor.

6) Finding and Limitation:

The section of the report contains the result of the research report there in this will be helpful to the reader who can from his own opinion as to how for the result are reliable

7) Summary and Conclusion:

This section contains summary of the report as well as the main conclusion. The latter part is based on the finding given earlier.

8) Recommendation:

It may be hot necessary for all reports to contains recommendation,

9) Appendices, Bibliography and Index:

This is last section of the report an appendices given supplementary information which supports the body of the report but which cannot be given within it. It is given within the main report it may disports the focus on the main theme and confuse related.

These are the some outlines of report formals. Which can made on the basic as the market research? While the making report the research should very systematically present their related reports.