2. Control:

Top and middle management personnel have to check current performance against the predetermined standards (as mentioned in the plans) to ensure progress and also to record experience from the working of plans to serve as guide to possible future operations.


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The management personnel have to balance the team efforts ensuring proper allocation of activities among different members of the group.

4. Motivation:

This covers employees’ morale given by proper leadership.

The art of self-motivation has to be included in the manager and executives.

5. Inspiration:

It is the act or power of exerting influence on the intellect or emotions, which ultimately leads to the creative thinking and work.

Inspiration arouses our mind to special and unusual activity, stimulating our creativity.

6. Communication:

It is the process of transferring information through interactions with two or more persons. Communication interchanges our thoughts, opinions, sharing of information by speech, in writing or through body language.

7. Decision:

It is the choice of selecting the best course of action between alternatives. Thus, it helps to come to a conclusive point to solve a problem, selecting the best courses of actions.

8. Integration:

It helps in establishing link between previously separate systems, services, applications or processes. In manufacturing, integration is a process to combine separately produced components or sub-systems, addressing problems through interactions.