3. Availability of adequate supply of power, water (of right quality), steam and high quality cleaning materials. 4. Availability of adequate number of sets (six sets of linen) to ensure adequate clean supply for at least 48 hours considering the odd contingencies when the department may be closed for 1-2 days. 5. Body linen for patients must have different sizes for easy fitting. Ill fitting, tight linen causes both undesirable exposures as well as, discomfort and can be a cause of dissatisfaction, especially in ladies.

6. A procedure for sorting of different categories of linen (soiled, infected, foul, radioactive) and sluicing/disinfection of the infected linen, decontamination/disposal of the radioactive linen, before putting into the washing machine. 7. Procedure for inspection of the ready-for-issue clean linen before distribution/issue to separate the worn out/faded, stained, patched, smelling or poorly ironed linen. 8. A procedure for periodic testing of the quality of wash by sending the swabs from the ready-for-issue linen for culture. Linen service in a hospital plays an important role in providing an infection free, clean and fresh environment to the patients.

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Unclean, stained, patched and smelly linen, like bad quality food, can be a source of dissatisfaction of patients as well as high incidence of infections. A good, patient focused service must eliminate all such deficiencies.