In order to prevent such instances and make the hospital premises safer for female staff, following measures may be implemented by the hospital management: 1. Female staff should not be posted alone at any duty station at night. Wherever there are male employees/male patients, the female staff should be posted in pairs as far as possible. In the wards with one sister, one aya or female sweeper may be posted. 2. Timing for the shift changes should be arranged keeping in mind the safety of female staff while commuting to and from the hospital.

3. Female doctors, sisters other female staff may avoid moving alone in secluded dark areas at night. 4. Hospital should have call bell/alarm system at various nursing stations and ICUs whereby an alarm can be raised to call for assistance in case of any emergency. 5. Availability of emergency help from the reception, casualty or security staff on ringing or shouting for help. 6. Female staff should be advised not to go outside the hospital premises alone at night.

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If a female staff has to go outside the hospital at night while on official duty such as in an ambulance, she should be accompanied by another female staff. 7. Effective security organization and close circuit TV cameras for better vigil over sensitive areas. 8. An effective system of prompt grievance redressal.