Features of the Ideal State:

Following features can be outlined about Aristotle’s ideal state. 1. There is supremacy of law in his ideal state. He favours impersonal rule of law which represents the wisdom of community since the ages. 2. It is an ethical institution to develop the moral qualities of the citizens to promote good and happy life of everyone. 3.

Private ownership but common use of property. 4. Aristotle’s ideal state is marked by division of labour where slaves are engaged in agriculture residents in commerce and citizens in political activities. 5. Aristotle’s ideal state is the city state of the moderate size.

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Population should be manageable. 6. It should be self-sufficient, without any aggressive design against foreign countries. 7. There should be six classes, viz., agriculture, artisans, and a war like class, leisured class, priests and administrators. Only the later four are entitled for citizenship. 8.

There is a predominance of middle class that provide stability because it possesses twin qualities of obedience and command.