2. Reflection of rural social hierarchy in the PR bodies is more than evident. People who are ‘advantaged’ continue to wield power of PR bodies. Moreover, conservative and orthodox sentiments prevalent in most villages prevent women’s participation. 3. Political violence and corruption has placed PR bodies at a crucial juncture. The bloodshed, with which issues are settled in elections, is fatly eroding people’s faith in them. The last PR election in West Bengal and violence are case in this point.

4. Often there is a deliberate attempt to capture power for promoting vested interests. Big land lords arid powerful businessmen are easily getting elected to the PR institutions. Moreover, the political elites of the state machinery percolate their own interests into these bodies. 5. Poor work culture has been another factor. Lack of expertise and technical knowhow on the part of functionaries greatly hamper their functions.

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6. Bureaucratic apathy with the elected representatives and their unwillingness to share power with the representatives has severely affected its functions. 7. Though there has been a provision for incurring financial resources for the Panchayat but still that sphere has not been identified. Financial crunch poses severe threat to its functioning. 8. Complete dependence of PR bodies on the State Legislature may not be very fruitful, For, the elites are getting apprehensive of emerging leadership and talents.