2. Effective and easy learning:Only classroom learning in educational programmes may not be much effective. Learning of social valves like cooperation, adjustment, teamwork, self-control etc. is more effective and practical in physical education. 3.

Healthy approach:Physical education develops competitive spirit with a cooperative attitude. This aspect bring programme in the total education programme. 4. Responsibilities and Discipline:Physical Education through its various activities assists in developing sense of responsibility and discipline in students. These qualities make possible the smooth and effective running of education programmes. 5. Knowledge:Physical education coves wide range of subjects like Physiology, human anatomy, psychology, sport medicine, health education etc.

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, which involve huge knowledge for the students. 6. Growth and Development:During the phases of infant to adolescent individual requires special attention for their proper growth and development. Absence of any physical activities may harm the normal growth and development. 7. Friendship and Relationship:Sports and other physical activities provide an environment for everyone to feel enjoyable and understand each other.

Physical education assists in strengthening relationships and develops the quality of group dynamics. 8. Other:Physical education develops many other such qualities behavior or attitude that make physical education an important part of total education programme. Physical education therefore plays an important and arsenical role in the general education programme and national and international integration.