Realismis one of the many schools of thought that are particular to the internationalrelations theory.

Realism is seen as a very diverse in its thoughts, thoughthey are undivided in the belief of international politics is conclusively,constantly and needed an area for conflict for those actors seeking power.Realist can normally fall into three categories of which they think the sourceof conflicts come from. The first is classical realists, who believe that theconflict stems from human nature, while neorealist believe that it originatesin the composition of an anarchic state system, and finally neoclassicalrealists think that it is due to a combination of both with added domestic variables.In addition, some realist debate about the action that should be taken bystates whilst manoeuvring through world politics, this divides them intodefensive realism and offensive realism. Furthermore, there particularlyideology is on that is evident throughout the history of political thought theseinclude people such as Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, Kautilya and Thucydides.

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