2. Both believe in the natural inequality among human beings. According to them nature ordains that superior shall rule over inferiors. To the Nazi’s “out of all races, the Aryan race is superior, out of the Aryan race, the Germans are superior out of them elite are superior and out of elite the Fuehrer (the leader) is the superior most”, Similarly Plato championed Greek superiority. 3. Both have no faith in democracy. Plato denounces democracy as the rule of ignorant people.

The fascist denounce democracy, as a stupid, corrupt, slow moving, impractical and inefficient form of Government. 4. Both Platonism and Fascism views dictatorship of one man as best form. Plato thinks of a philosopher king in whom all the powers of government are concentrated. For the Fascists, it is Fuehrer who is omnipotent and omnicompetent. 5. Both make the individual as means to an end. The state is made an end.

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6. Both deny the importance of public opinion and people’s right to change the government. The government is based not on the consent of the governed but some over arching good of society championed by elite. 7. They are more interesting in laying emphasis on duties rather than on rights.