1. One of major contributions of Locke has been the principle of Limited Government. He drew distinction between state, society and government. While society is primary, state comes into existence only for some convenience.

Government is agency of state to exercise powers as its trustee. 2. Locke’s conception of natural right to life, liberty and property has remained a doctrine of preeminence. Perhaps, it was for the first time that so much moral sanctity was attached to the natural rights of individuals. 3.

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Locke’s view on right to revolt inspired the revolutionaries influence and America. 4. By conceiving mechanical nature of state, he becomes the forerunner of liberal thought.

He passed the government on the consent of people who are endowed with reason and are best judge of themselves. It owed existence as long as it served its purpose. 5. Locke helped in development of the idea of a democratic state based on popular institutions and constitutional government.

The principle of majority that underlines the democratic mechanisms is Locke’s contribution. 6. Locke reacted against divine right theory and linked state with the world by affairs. 7. Locke laid great emphasis on the principle of toleration and secularism. Sabine remarks Locke’s works as dependent on other who joins them or fit them together in his own philosophy.

But, it is his greatness that he has exercised continued influence on the subsequent political thought.