ii. State clearly that you are happy to accept the offer iii.

Show enthusiasm in joining the orgamzation iv. Mention the joining date v. Seek more time, if necessary, giving the reason for the same vi.

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Signature and date The selected candidate sometimes may not be in a position to report or join on the date specified in the offer letter, in which case he/she may have to seek extension of time for joining. In that case the letter of acceptance may have to state the circumstances under which an extension is being sought. There are occasions when the selected person may not be in a position to accept the job offer for some reason. In such a case, the candidate may have to politely decline the offer. Instead of an acceptance letter, the person concerned should send an appropriately worded regret letter.

This will ensure that while the job offeror is promptly informed about his/her non-availability, he/she still retains the goodwill with the organization.