(ii) Fallopian Tubes (Oviducts):

There are two oviducts or fallopian tubes or uterine tubes in the human female reproductive system. Each oviduct is about 10-15 cm long. The proximal funnel-shaped end of each oviduct lies near the ovary and is called infundibulum. Its margin bears finger-like projections called fimbrae.

Each infundibulum continues as a thin and coiled tube called oviduct or fallopian tube. Both fallopian tubes open into the uterus.

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(iii) Uterus:

The uterus is a hollow, pear-shaped, muscular, thick-walled organ located in the pelvic cavity between urinary bladder and rectum. Its upper broader portion is called corpus uteri (body of the womb) and the lower narrow portion is called cervix uteri (neck of the womb). The innermost wall of uterus is richly supplied with blood vessels.

Cervix is mainly a sphincter muscle that closes the lower end of the uterus where it joins the vagina.

(iv) Vagina:

It is a muscular tube about 7-10 cm in length. Vagina is the organ where the penis is inserted during coitus (act of copulation) for the discharge of semen. It serves as the birth canal during child birth (parturition) and also acts as a duct for the passage of uterine secretions and menstrual flow. The opening of vagina in young girls is partially closed by a thin muscular membrane called hymen.

(v) External Genitalia (Vulva): The external genitalia in human female (also called vulva) mainly consists of labia majora, labia minora and clitoris. The labia majora (large lips) is a pair of thick folds of skin containing hair, sweat glands and sebaceous glands. These folds lie one on either side of vagina.

The labia minora (small lips) are two small folds of mucous membrane situated on the inner side of labia majora. The labia minora is equivalent to scrotum in males. They are devoid of hair and glands. At the upper end, the folds meet to form a thin covering, the prepuce. The two folds of labia majora and labia minora comprise the vulva. The clitoris is a small erectile organ which is highly sensitive and is located at the junction of the labia minora below the prepuce.

The clitoris corresponds to the penis in males. The vagina opens to the outside by an opening into the depression between the vulva called vestibulum. In a human female the urethra and the genital duct have separate openings.