(b) The Universal declaration of Human rights was followed by many other declaration like international Congress on Human rights in Tehran in 1968, International congress in Vienna organized by UNESCO in 1978, seminars on teaching of Human rights at Geneva in 1988 and United Nation conference on Human rights in Vienna in 1993, UN decade 1995-2004, 100 clause in programme of action of Vienna declaration related to the education and training work for the promotion and implementation of Human rights. (c) UNESCO has played a leading role in promoting education in Human rights and issued comprehensive recommendations deals with various aspect of education in Human rights in Nov.

1974. The world plan of action on education for Human rights and democracy was adopted in 1993 work for exercising teaching of democracy and Human rights. It works for promoting respect for Human rights. (d) The national council of teacher education in developing the curriculum for human right education, adopted in 1996 it incorporated Human rights, Humanitarian law, peace, democracy and social Justice and make preparation of teaching materials, guides etc. the another way for implementation of human rights is national Policy on Education which was adopted in 1986 emphasizes on certain aspects of contents and process that have bearing on education in Human rights. It has laid stress on National system of education for equality with special reference to women, SC’s and ST’s minorities, handicapped and children. (e) National Human rights commission was launched in 1993. It work on educating large number of people about Human rights and several steps have been taken in that direction.

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The department of education and national council of educational research and training in preparing of drafts. There is also introducing of PG diploma course in Human rights during 96-97 by university of Bombay. The main aim and goal is to train citizens, create awareness among them about Human rights promote exercising of rights of citizenship, aware of benefit of education, modernity, development of media to develop their identify and culture. All these courses help in protecting and promoting of Human rights and create consciousness among bureaucracy parliamentary and military on nature and importance of Human rights. (f) Teaching educators should always take initiative and equipment teaching professionals in meeting challenge of education for better future and it further contributes equity, peace, universal realization of Human rights. It develop social awareness, respect to participate at local as well as regional and global level.

The implementation of Human rights helps in fulfilling the following Goals:(a) it identifies the commodity in Human rights and the fundamental freedom cited in Indian constitution and it also explain the need for asserting Human rights to members of culturally diverse nations and minority groups within the nations. (b) It opposes and eradicates all problems like child abuse, exploitation of women, children, workers and deprived section of society. (c) It analyses the circumstance and other situation which further create social unrest, terrorism, drug addiction supports social responsibility of government. (d) Teacher trainer trace briefly leads to universal declaration of Human rights.

It create awareness and impart secondary and higher secondary curriculum. This teacher trainee develop active interest in extending guidance for Human rights to community at large and it also acquire the ability to organized co-curricular activities centering about Human rights and democratic functioning. (e) The active implementation of Human rights helps in national integration international peace and understanding. It can be done by class debates, seminars, discussions on Human rights issue dramatization poetry, song depicting Human rights and also by celebrating Human rights day international day for disabled aged, girl child, UN day etc. (f) Media checks the violation of Human rights and contact member of different working class, rural class people to become more familiarize them with fundamental rights. (g) Through implementation of Human rights education by different ways and means to pass information about their rights and eradicate all social evils prevailing in society like infanticide, polygamy, prostitution, exploitation etc.