3. Outside study, 4.

Imitation and play, 5. Picnic here and there, and 6. Exhibition of some important aspects of environment.

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(1) Discussion in the classroom:

Some environmental problem is fully discussed.

(2) Small group projects:

The students of the class are classified in small groups and some project is given to each group and students of each group work accordingly.

(3) Outside study:

Some aims are prefixed for this. Accordingly environment pertaining to some river, lake or forest is studied.

(4) Imitation and play:

In this, attempts are made to develop an interest for preservation of environments.

(5) Picnic here and there:

Some project is made for visiting some hospital, court, jail or some factory. In this method the students acquire knowledge of the surrounding environment and present a description of the related problems.

(6) Exhibition of some important elements of the environment:

In this method, the related elements become very interesting and the students acquire some importance information about the environment concerned.