Thirdly, National viability should be the criteria on which regional issues must be dealt. Fourthly, promoting secular ethos through civil society institutions, intellectuals and the mass media by giving financial assistance to hold seminars, symposium, cultural contacts etc Fifthly, dealing firmly with subversive and anti-national forces so that people would feel a kind of ‘awe’ towards the nation Sixthly, Institute mechanisms to ensure secularism, achieve social justice and discourage populism by activating different wings of the society. These measures notwithstanding, it must be realized, as Dr. Radhakrishnan observed “national integration is not like a building that could be accomplished through bricks. Integration is related to moral power of people.

So it is necessary that this message must reach their hearts”. Though eventualities and exigencies help strengthen the nation, the institutions of civil society and political leadership are expected to deliver to the task of national integration. But, it does not seem to be case.

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