2 The dangers of genetic engineering research perhaps will recede with time as people and scientists become experienced and accumulate knowledge. 3. Enough safe guards are already available in research laboratories dealing with pathogenic organisms. They can be made much more stringent. In any case the beneficial aspects of combating the disease perhaps far more outweigh the possible dangers. 4. Genetically transformed microbes have been designed with a special purpose.

Hence the argument that they would compete with the other normal microbes and perhaps might be picked by natural selection appears to be imaginary. Further with attenuated characters the transformed organisms will not be able to survive unless special conditions such as the laboratory environment are provided with. 5. The idea that by accruing a new gene the microorganisms become parhogenic is not true because in any genetic transformation the host organism will always reject a virulent gene combination and the unwanted genes are generally lyses by restriction enzymes and even if the genes express themselves the gene product namely the foreign protein gets degraded by proteolytic enzymes.

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6. All types of genetic engineering research need not be dubbed as harmful and dangerous. For instance research in the field of agriculture, dairy and others will not pose any problem.