2. Harmonizing standard:

The theory of common good creates a harmony in hedonistic and rationalistic, egoistic and altruistic moral theories. It stresses the nature of the real universal integral soul in which the affective and the rational aspects are equally important.

3. Clarification of real nature of personality:

This theory put forward the real form of personality. The real personality is man’s rational and universal soul. Its life is the true life. Its realization is true self realization.

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4. Clarification of real form of moral obligation:

This theory clarified the real form of moral obligation. Moral obligation is the obligation of duty. In man’s personality it is the obligation of the imperative of the rational and universal soul.


Concept of harmonious welfare between society and individual:

This theory is the theory of a harmonious welfare of society and the individual. In this, the rights of both the individual and the society have been kept intact. This sees an equality and perfect uniformity in the universe.

6. Harmonizing of different moral theories:

This theory interprets moral law by taking in qualities of all moral theories.

Treating self realization and universal or common good as the ultimate end, it creates a harmony between individual and social ethics.