2. He is required to check out the pulse of the injured player. If pulse is weak, it represents severe bleeding. If first-aider is able to detect the pulse, it should be understood that injured is suffering from heart attack. 3.

First-aider is required to check the breathing of the injured. If he finds that injured is taking breathing very slowly, he should provide him with the artificial breathing. During this time, clothing around the chest and the neck should be loosened. 4. First-aider should check out the colour of tongue, lips, eyes and nails of the injured. If they are blue in colour, he should understand that injured is suffering from lack of oxygen.

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5. If any part of the body of injured is bleeding, he should properly clean that part with the cotton and then apply the bandage on it. 6. First-aider should check all the joints of the body in order to ensure that no fracture or dislocation of bone has taken place. In the above mentioned manner, first-aider should detect the kind of injury which has been suffered by the injured.

After identifying this, he is required to provide proper treatment to the injured. In the emergency condition, two kind of first-aid can be provided to the injured, namely, the drowning and dislocation.