Perhaps the most obvious cause is
strong mate choice, so if a mechanism of female-preference evolution is
especially effective in a population, we might expect a strong covariance
between an ornament and male mating success. In addition, mating differentials
can be caused by a high “environmental potential for polygamy,” which in turn
could be affected by the spatial distribution of resources or temporal
synchrony of female receptivity.
Another factor, which has been somewhat neglected, concerns mate-searching
algorithms. Environmental constraints, such as predation, may affect how mates
find one another. If mate searching is efficient, very strong mating
differentials may result, whereas constrained searching may impose limitations.
In addition, the operational sex ratio is almost
certainly important, because as more individuals are excluded from
reproduction, the magnitude of the mating differential will change. Finally,
there may be numerous other ecological factors, such as population density and others that have yet to be appreciated, that
affect mating differentials.



“For me ma’am if we sex to another person and its
our first to having sex we can learned 

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Because of we experience how to handle the
situation like that and obviously its relax you because of what we feel after
and actual mating (doing sex).”


“And for evolved, we experience already to have
sex to opposite sex and we know how to handle or how to sex. I think for my
opinion and to my experience I know where is the blind spot of the girl how to
manage the word climax and how to muscle control for the safety to me and to
her. And how to foreplay.”


“So for me I can see the difference of learned and
evolved. I learned the first stage to have a sex to a girl. And I evolved
myself because I learned to my past experience.”


“Like example you can’t evolved if you don’t have
an XP (Experience) and you will get that XP to learning. So which means you
learned first before you evolved.”