(b) Reconstruct a society in accordance with principle of justice and human dignity. (c) Inform and educate the people their rights as well as the responsibilities that accompany them so, they can create proper balance between there rights and duties.

(d) Mobilize ourselves and other to work on behalf of those in need of support. (e) To empowered ourselves with knowledge skills abilities and attitude necessary to become effective instrument of global justice. To achieve all the above conditions UN and its instrument played a commendable and considerable role which we discussed later in chapter. The Human rights right committee was created under part of the international covenant on civil and political rights (1966) came in the force in 1976. The committee was established to monitor implementation of covenant and it included various important rights such as right to life prohibition against torture, cruel, inhuman and slavery, freedom of movement, equality before law, right to liberty and security of person equality before court, rights to privacy, right to vote, right conduct election freedom of speech expression thought conscience, freedom of association. This human right committee helps in implementation of human right norms.

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It is separate body create by ECOSOC and it receives and study report that the state parties of covenant required to take measures and submit these reports to ECOSOC. Human right committee has tow protocols. The first protocols were adopted by General Assembly. It deals -with receiving and considering communications and complaints from individual who claims that there rights have been violated. Second protocols deals with abolition of death penalty adopted by General Assembly, right to individual to file the complaints that was already recognized in first protocols. This Human right Committee recognized competence in field of Human right. It has 18 members and members are elected by secret ballot system for term of 4 years.

The committee usually holds in Geneva. This Human right Committee is “treaty body” and it distinct form Human right commission is “charter body” whereas committee is “treaty body”. Commission has four separate functions and committee has two commendable and important works in filed Human right.