The UPA has scored a major success in stability; economic progress and in foreign relations.

India weathered the global economic crisis rather well. Dr. Man Mohan Singh attended the G-20 Summit in London, G-8 Summit in Italy, NAM Summit in Egypt, SCO & BRIC Summits in Russia. The country has to tackle the growing menace of terrorism from within and without which may result in destabilization and even disintegration.

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Six years of his premiership have been virtually lackluster; he has no control over his colleagues who flaunt, defy and refuse to be reined in. The Nandigram violence in West Bengal showed the total ineptitude of his prime ministership. The CPM goons let loose a reign of terror against the local people who dared to oppose the Marxist cadre. He visited Russia in November, ’07 and signed a treaty for manufacture of a supersonic plane. He has not been able to handle properly and deftly relations with the powerful countries, USA and Russia.

He visited Singapore in November, ’07 to participate in the ASEAN and East Asia summit. He met his counterparts from the ASEAN and East Asia to establish closer rapport. He visited China in Jan 2008. The Congress has triumphed in Maharashtra a Rajasthan in 2009. If the BJP lost heavily in Jharkhand, though it had formed a coalition govt, with the JMM supremo Shibu Soren in Dec-2009. Congress has been helped tremendously due to the BJP’s slumber & infighting.