(1) Laws always regulate social relations:

Social relations always work within a framework which is constituted and regulated by the laws of the State.

(2) Political system is the order-maintaining system of Society:

Political System is the order-maintaining system of the society. Sociology depends upon Political Science for knowledge of the nature and working of the Political System.

(3) Sociology needs knowledge of political structures:

Government of the State, political parties, political elites, and political pressure groups also act as agencies of social change and reforms. Sociology therefore, needs knowledge of such structures of Politics.

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For this’ Sociology depends on Political Science.

(4) Politics affects social change:

Government is an agent of social change. It makes laws’ policies and programmes for changing or eliminating all evil social customs and practices.

(5) Law regulates social institutions:

The operation of all social structures is regulated by the laws of the State. Laws regulate even such institutions like family and marriage.

Society has to depend upon State for securing’ security order, reconstruction and development. The above analysis brings out the fact that both Political Science and Sociology depend on each other. Each borrows knowledge from the other. In contemporary times, the modern view of Politics (Popularly known as Modern Political Analysis or Scientific Political Theory) stands greatly influenced by Sociology. Modern Political Scientists have borrowed a large number of approaches, concepts and theories from Sociology.

Likewise, the Sociologists have been depending upon Political Science for getting knowledge about State, Government, Political System and all political structures and functions, Such knowledge is essential for a realistic, comprehensive and systematic study of social relations. Both Sociology and Politics are two intimately related and interdependent social disciplines.