1. Sociology is a Positive Science:

Ethics a normative one normatitive sciences study ideals and positive sciences study facts.

Sociology gives factual knowledge of social relations while ethics evaluates them upon the criterion of ethical ideals. It decides the good and evil in social conventions, habits, traditions, etc. In this way, sociology and ethics are related to each other but their scopes do not coincide.

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2. Ethics is More Practical Than Sociology:

Sociology is a comparatively theoretical study while ethics very much affects our practical life. It tries to seek the ultimate good and in its light makes judgment concerning virtues, duties of the individual and state, good and bad of social institutions, conventions, authority and economic and political laws etc. In the form of the science of ethical ideals it is also related to philosophy.


Viewpoints of Sociology and Ethics are Different:

Sociology studies man as a member of society. Ethics studies man as a responsible individual having freedom of will.

4. Scope of Sociology and Ethics are Different:

Sociology is an objective science whereas ethics is a subjective science. Social science studies objective mental processes and conventions, laws, organization etc. The subject of ethics is internal motives, desires, volitions, and man’s independently willed behavior in the context of intentions.

5. The Method of Sociology and Ethics Differ:

The method of sociology is historical, scientific and empirical. The method of ethics is teleological. It is scientific, as well as philosophical, empirical as well as transcendental. It is descriptive and critical, Sociology, like other positive sciences, looks into a cause-effect relation in the facts.

Ethics gives them their place in the world and comparing them to the ultimate good, describes ethical facts. Sociology shows die evolution of human behavior and ethics evaluates it in the light of the ultimate good. Sociology studies the external behavior of man, while ethics emphasizes the internal aspect. Thus, ethics cannot be said to be a branch of sociology.