The property of governors, nobles,’ Amirs and wealthy per­sons was confiscated by the order of the Sultan in order to reduce them to poverty. Only that much money was left with them which was sufficient to meet their bare necessities. All lands granted to them by gifts, pensions and endowments were cancelled. He also enhanced the taxes in order to pauperize the people. The orders of the Sultan were strictly followed and the people became so much busy in earning their livelihood that they forgot to utter the word ‘rebellion’.

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4. He reorganized his spies ant] they penetrated into not only the public places but also ” the private apartments of the nobles and governors. It terrified the high officials of the Sultanate so that they dared not utter a word against the Sultan.

As a result of these ordinances, no revolt took place in the later period of the reign of Alauddin but his administration was based on power and this continued only in his lifetime. After his death revolts began to occur again.