It also supplies the ligaments and tendons for the joints and muscles, the tethering for the larger organs, the softness for protection and rigidity in the form of cartilage.

There are many forms of connective tissue, but they are all developed from the same jelly-like ground substance, made up of salts and water, protein and carbohydrate. Embedded in this jelly are the various fibres and cells; elastic fibres to provide elasticity; collagen fibres to provide support; white cells and macrophages to fight infection; fat cells used for storage; and finally plasma cells to produce antibodies. The following are the types of Connective Tissues:

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(1) Areolar Tissue:

It is a loose jelly like connective tissue that binds the skin to the muscles underneath.

(2) Adipose Tissue:

Most of the parts it is found beneath the skin in fat body form in subcutaneous region.

(3) Reticular Remiform:

This tissues keeps commented with lymphocytes. Mucoid tissues are found in umbilical cord and translucent salt solution of eye chamber.

(4) Fibrous tissue:

It is white fibrous firm.

Its form hyaline in the ligaments of muscles.

(5) Elastic tissue:

It is formed by elastic fibres. This type of tissue is present in arteries and tracheal walls and maintains its shape. Epithelial Tissue:This kind of tissue provides protection to the body. The whole body and various organs situated in the body are being covered by this tissue.

Not only on the outer surface, is this tissue also present on the interior surface of the various organs. Nervous Tissue:Nerve cells or neurons are the main constituent of nervous tissues. Cell body is the main component of nerve cell. This nerve cell consists of nucleus and axon, which has a very long structure. There exist nerve fibres, which result because nerve cells are joined end to end. A nerve is composed of various nerve fibres.

Muscular Tissue:There exists a number of muscles in human body and these muscles are being formed by the muscular tissues. In every part of the body where movement is involved, muscular tissues are being found. It is considered to be the most important tissue of the body. More than one-third of the weight of the body is made up of muscular tissues.


Voluntary Muscles:

Such kind of muscles is related to the bones of the human body and it is because of these muscles that they can move in some specific directions.

b. Involuntary Muscles:

As the name suggests, human beings do not have any control over these muscles. These muscles get moved on their own.

c. Heart Muscles:

It is only in the heart that such kind of muscles is being found. These muscles have strong contractions and they function without stopping throughout the live. They are involuntary in nature.