His future behaviour cannot be predicted from his past conduct is not the necessary result of character. Every new will is a completely new creation. The power of will is an unknown power every volition depends upon the person’s desire at that moment. 2. Giving credence to Determinism would make Ethics meaningless.

If man does everything due to his heredity or environment he cannot be held in any way responsible for it. It being so, he is not confronted with any question of ‘ought to be’. When he is obliged to do something, then he can hardly be advised to do or not to do a particular thing. 3. Laws will also be regarded useless on this basis.

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If a person steals because he is obliged to do so he cannot be held responsible for it and neither can he be punished on this account in this way, neither can a thief be detested nor a priest be praised, and neither can the murderer be punished nor the philanthropist be rewarded. 4. The religious people are the most enthusiastic supporters of freedom.

If man is a slave to internal and external circumstances then God’s worship and God’s Grace, etc. becomes impossible, useless.