In this discussion everyone expresses his varying views. But to obtain the consent of all regarding some special aims of education is necessary in the same way as it is to obtain the approval of all for establishing a democratic set-up. The main purposes of education in which we want to get the agreement may be classified into the following four groups’:— A. Self Realization, B. Human Relationship, C. Economic Efficiency, and D.

Civic Responsibility. Onwards we shall analyze these major purposes.

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A. Objectives of Self Realization:

1. Obtaining an inquisitive mind. Every person wants to acquire knowledge. 2. Power of speech.

To express oneself in his mother tongue 3. Ability in reading and writing. To be able to read and write in one’s mother tongue 4. Arithmetical ability. To solve problems relating to addition and subtraction 5. To acquire the power to see and hear. 6. To acquire the necessary knowledge regarding health preservation.

7. To formulate good health habits and to protect one’s own and dependents’ health. 8.

To co-operate in preserving the health of society. 9. To acquire healthy means of recreation. 10. To be able to utilize leisure-hours in a pleasant manner 11. To be able to experience aesthetic sense. 12.

To lead die’s life in an ideal manner.

B. Objectives of Human Relationship:

1. To respect humanity. An educated person keeps human relationship above everything else. 2. To cement pleasant and useful friendship of various types.

3. To be able to work and play in co-operation with others. 4. To behave with others politely. 5. To understand the importance of family as a social institution. 6.

To protect the ideals of the family. 7. To acquire skill in family management.

8. To establish democratic relationship in the family.

C. Objectives of Economic Efficiency:

1. To acquire skill in one’s particular field of work.

2. To know about opportunities in various occupations and to understand things in relation to them. 3. To choose one’s own vocation of life. 4. To acquire the necessary skill in one’s chosen occupation. 5.

To maintain one’s vocational skill and to effect further improvement in it. 6. To understand the social importance of one’s vocation. 7. To maintain one’s economic system of life properly. 8. To determine the standard of one’s expenditure.

9. To purchase the necessary things judiciously. 10. To employ necessary devices for protecting one’s interests.

D. Objectives of Civic Responsibility:

1. To believe in social justice keeping in view the variations in human circumstances. 2. To be able to improve the unsatisfactory conditions.

3. To be able to understand the various social processes. 4. To acquire ability to make correct judgment when faced with various alternatives. 5. To be tolerant.

6. Not to destroy the national property. 7. To utilize science in the interest of society. 8. To understand oneself as a member of the world society.

9. To obey state laws. 10. To performs duties of a citizen. 11. To have faith in democratic principles.