Services are different from products by various features:

1. Intangibility:

A service can’t be seen, touched, held, or put on a shelf, because it has no physical shape. No customer can buy physical ownership of an ‘experience’ (entertainment), ‘time’ (consulting), or ‘a process’ (dry cleaning). No service can be examined before its enactment because of intangibility.

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2. Simultaneity:

In most of the cases production and consumption goes in simultaneously. A consumer has always to be present in the service factory, either the service provider comes to him (plumber) or he goes to service provider (hair salon).

This simultaneity develops much more close contact with the customer. Thus, in-service production and consumption can’t be separated.

3. Heterogeneity:

No two services can be the same, because services depend to a large extent on human actions and interactions between customers and providers. Since production and consumption goes in simultaneously, there is no chance to rectify a faulty product before it reaches the customer. Thus, heterogeneity makes it difficult to standardize the quality of service.



No services can be produced and stored before consumption, hence, they are perishable. Perishability is the main source of many of the problems of supply and demand that services marketers face. Most of the service providers, therefore, focus their marketing mix on managing demand.