Credit Unions and other financial businesses offer similar services but are in many ways discrepant. Banks grant checkings and savings accounts,  and personal investments. However, they typically do not have lower fees and higher interest rates on deposits in comparison to credit unions. Fundamentally, banks are for-profit enterprises. Credit Unions subsist in order to serve a community of people. They provide the most logical and favorable terms for financial commodities.

They look out for us. The Municipal Credit Union, like most credit unions, is a not-for-profit organization.Not-for-profits are organizations that use their excess money to pay their members who do work for them instead of earning profits for its owners.The MCU is chartered by the state and has been serving the people of New York since 1916. One of the many examples of how they prove to care for its communities is in making sure that our finances are secured.

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In case of emergencies, such as crisis or depression, the company makes sure that each holder’s account is guarded and kept up to standard. To make sure this standard is upheld, they are reminded of their mission statement; Build lifetime quality financial relationships with each member by providing competitive products and excellent service.This scholarship award will not only launch me further towards my Interior Design Degree but will, in turn, give back to the community.

This is due to the charitable spirit of the Municipal Credit Union. Since interior design is a profession of improving the environments for everyone to enjoy, this could be greatly beneficial to the MCU. If I ran my credit union, I would make sure to host a drive for my town and plant trees and support existing shelters. The crisis of homelessness is a serious issue and should not be taken likely.

It is not the credit union that has the power, but it is the people. If we could encourage people to use their voice and actions to improve their communities, we will make a difference. This is the true ideology of ‘people helping people’.