Important in sport performance and in certain kinds of job performance that require physical skill and strength. 3. Being able to carry out the special skills that are a necessary part of certain sports or activities. Many activities that can help in becoming physically fit involve one or more parts of skill-related fitness.

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Skill related fitness is more functional and specific. 4. A certain combination of motor-performance fitness components is functionally related to the goals of each activity. The strength and speed needed by a sprinter are different from the strength and speed needed by a football tackle or a tennis player – even though each performer, to improve his or her performance, needs strength and speed. 2.

Health related fitness:1. Ingredient in the notional public health agenda. 2. Important for prevention and remediation of disease and illness, both physical and mental. 3. It applies to everyone and is a general concept.

Each should achieve and maintain certain levels of health fitness to stay as healthy as possible throughout a lifetime and to improve the quality of life. 4. Health fitness is not, in its most important sense, related to shooting baskets more accurately or to jumping farther, It is related living better, to being more resistant to diseases, and even, perhaps, to living longer. 3. Cosmetic fitness:1. For many people, looking good is an important outcome of fitness activities.

2. Looking fit is in – and looking strong is an important part of looking fit. This is true for both men and women. 3. Cosmetic fitness is fine as long as it takes place in an educational environment where acceptance of different body shapes is the norm. 4.

Television and print media have made the slim and athletic body shape the preferred one in order to sell products. The fact is that people come in all shapes; that is, genetic endowments determine their particular body shape, whether it be a slender, heavy or more athletic build.