Informing people is actually recognizing the importance of health education and the information passed on from one person to other must be in its original form or in other words wrong information or incomplete information are checked under this process.

Instruction dealing with hygiene and sanitation too provided to the students under this objective of health education. Informing people to develop their health knowledge which also assists in overcoming the ‘misconceptions’ regarding health, one common example of this is ‘Isolation/segregation of Aids patients’ even people hesitate to talk or touch such patients. Therefore health education gets its aim through providing correct and valid information to people. The objective of informing people also helps in washing out evil social prejudices and blind believes from the society. 2. Motivating People:Learning information becomes more effective when learner is motivated highly. Providing information to one will go in vein unless one is not interested in learning. Therefore proper motivation must be provided to students.

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The objective of motivating people- assists in developing desirable health attitude. Motivating people about the benefits of health changes their behaviour and this cause them to develop positive habits and suitable ways of living happily. This objective works for encouraging having proper diet, proper sleep and proper rest, cleanliness and sanitation of surrounding. The change in ones behaviour can be made through his inner urge, self satisfaction and feeling zealness, motivating people serve the same purpose. Motivating people aims for voluntary acceptability of the importance of health and arousing tendency in the individuals of living health. Development of desirable health attitude will contribute a lot in the development of whole society.

In short informing people merely will not work, motivating all to develop health attitude is essentially required. 3. Guiding into Action:Guiding into action works for developing desirable health practices. Providing knowledge to one is worthless unless not practically adopted. Adaptation of health life style and following healthy habits is the objective of health education. Guiding into action means avoiding actions that are harmful and practicing those that are beneficial.

Acceptance of health habits and proper implementation of it is desired from this objective. Giving practical value to health education is most important. The level of health achieved is determined the extent to which one has developed health practices.

Positive health is the result of health practice habits and sincerity ion implementing health educational principles learned. Guiding into action also includes the psychological aspects like practical thinking, realistic views, cooperative effort, not to be over anxious, stress controlling etc. which assist one in living healthy and efficiently.

In short guiding into action is performing desirable health practically and avoiding the harmful habits.


The aim of ‘quality living’ or ‘living most and serving best’ can be achieved by given three objectives. These objectives must be implied in the same series and the absence of any one object may reduce the quality of health effective information with proper level of motivation no doubt result in the application of learned habits practically.