Activities: The main activities of the Indian Red Cross Society can be grouped under following categories:

1. Promoting fundamental principles and humanitarian values:

It includes, i. Protection of life, health and human dignity, ii. Respect for the human beings, iii. Non-discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religion, class or political opinion, and iv. Mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and restoring peace among people.

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2. Disaster Preparedness and Response:

The Indian subcontinent is prone to droughts, floods and other natural calamities. Another killer is the earthquake.

Red Cross with the assistance of other national societies provides services to the victims of calamities. Red Cross Society also procures and supplies food and other items for the needy in case of a calamity.


Health and social services:

This includes, i. To arrange for ambulance service in an emergency. ii. To extend first-aid in case of an accident.

iii. To provide mother and child health care programmes. Red Cross Society has many hospitals and dispensaries to provide medical support to the needy. iv. To train nurses and midwives, v.

To provide hostels for working ladies and homes for elderly, physically and mentally challenged. vi. To procure and supply blood for the victims of war, other calamities and diseases. Indian Red Cross Society has blood banks at the major cities in India.