Both have several similarities in their outlooks, insights and methods. Both are involved in the study of individual and his behaviour in the environment. Psychology is the scientific study of mind and how it influences behaviour. The knowledge of Psychology is needed for the study of human behaviour in society and politics. Political Sociology essentially needs some knowledge of human psychology foe studying the political relations and interactions of the people in society.

It also uses some methods which owe their existence to Psychology. In certain respects, both benefit from certain common principles and the knowledge of other social sciences. In the study of leadership behaviour, group behaviour, elite behaviour, voting behaviour and several other topics, Political Sociology uses the knowledge of Psychology Both possess a scientific character. Both are positive as well as normative in approach and this fact depends upon the stand points adopted by various psychologists and political sociologists. (ii) The political sociologist cannot carry on his enquiries unless he takes into account the psychological forces of human nature and the human factor underlying various situations and activities. When he tries to study the behaviour and performance of leaders and political elites, he has to understand their psychology. (iii) When a political sociologist studies public opinion some social and political issues and problems, he has to understand the psychology of the people.

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Likewise, Psychology also uses the generalizations about the social context of political relations as arrived at by Political Sociology. Psychologists need data socio­ political behaviour of the people for conducting their investigations in human behaviour.