2. Misappropriation of public money and misappropriation of stores.

3. Incurring pecuniary obligations of persons with whom the public servants have official dealings. 4. Borrowings money from contractors/firms having official dealings with officers. 5. Showing favours to contractors and firms. 6. Claiming of false travelling allowance, house rent, etc.

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7. Possession of disproportionate assets. 8. Causing loss to government by negligence or otherwise. 9.

Purchase of immovable property, etc. without prior permission or intimation. 10. Abuse of official position/powers. 11.

Acceptance of illegal gratification in recruitments, postings, transfers and promotions. 12. Misuse of government employees for personal work. 13.

Production of forged certificates of age, of birth of community, etc. 14. Irregularities in the reservation of seats by Rail and by Air. 15. Non-delivery of money orders, insured covers, value payable parcels, etc. 16.

Replacement of new postal stamps by used ones. 17. Irregularity in grant of import and export licenses. 18. Misuse of imported and allotted quotas by various firms with the connivance of the public servants. 19.

Irregularity in the grant of telephone connections. 20. Moral turpitude. 21. Acceptance of gifts. 22. under assessments of income tax, estate duty, etc., for pecuniary gain.

23. Misuse of advances sanctioned for purchase of scooters and cars. 24.

Abnormal delay in settlement of compen­sation claims to displaced persons. 25. Wrong assessment of claims of displaced persons. 26. Cheating in connection with the sale and purchase of plots for residential purposes. 27.

Unauthorized occupation and subletting of government quarters.