But Arjuna, distinguishing between knowledge and action, left action and stepped himself in knowledge.

At this, Lord Krishna told him that actually knowledge and action, are not different. Thus man should keep on doing the work natural to him without any longing or attachment.

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Through Logic:

In a moral situation one is in doubt whether a particular course of action is right or wrong and the only way of dispelling the doubt is to make a logical analysis of the two alternatives and to gain knowledge of the right and the wrong and to choose the right. Lord Krishna used logic along with ethics in the Gita.

He had used many logical arguments to explain the same thing. In this way, logic solves the moral situation as a result of which Arjuna says to Lord Krishna……. “O Achyuta, By your kindness my delusion has been removed and I have received knowledge whereby I am now out of it and I will obey your command. This is the solution of a moral situation.

Moral decision comes after moral solution.