(i) The interdependence between Political Sociology and Sociology is obvious. Political Sociology is like an advance guard of Sociology.

The work and explorations of Political Sociology can be undertaken only with the help of the knowledge of Sociology. The study of social roots of state and government essentially demands knowledge of the history and nature of social relations. For it the Political Sociology depends on Sociology. Political Sociology gets support and sustenance in its investigations and generalisations from the wider field of Sociology.

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Likewise, the wider field of Sociology benefits from the scope of the study of Political Sociology. The methods and techniques of the two are more or less similar, though not the same. These methods and techniques include analogy, observation, survey, social experiment, interviews and the like which are common to both Sociology and Political Sociology. (ii) As regards to scientific character, both political sociology and sociology use scientific as well as normative methods. Both use the method of Data Analysis as well historical and normative methods.

Like sociologists the political sociologists also remain involved in debating the scientific-positivist or normative character of Political Sociology. Both are involved in the study of social relations and interactions as these are currently taking place. Both use the technique of field study involving data collection and analysis. At the same time both are also normative because both offer statements, propositions or generalizations which are recommendatory in character.

Both are involved in social engineering