2.3 WATER,FOOD AND WASTE MANAGEMENT    WATER: Inour structure water storage is present at the center and connected toresidential areas & industries. In water storage there are different partsfor drinking water and household water. The pipes are connected to homes,Hospitals, Educational centers. Water can be divided into 6 sub – topics are:-  1.


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STORAGE OF WATER: – water is stored in the middle of astructure like a hub so that it can distribute water among the torus equally.Pipes are connected every torus and water storage. Water storage is internallydivided for drinking water, household water and water for producing oxygen.These different water has different pipelines. The population of residentialareas and water required for industries determine the amount of water required. 2.

SOURCE OF WATER: – water from earth will be transported totorus. Mars also water in it. So the sources of water are earth, asteroids andmars. Water will be kept into huge containers and brought to structure bysatellites. Water can be mined by miners from asteroids and mars.

Mars has 30%of earth’s water. This is huge amount of water which can be used for householdworks. Asteroids contain about 15% of water which cab used for many purposes.First of all water from mars and asteroids will be checked properly. Then itwill be transferred into water storage.

3.USAGE OF WATER: – water will be used for drinking, washing,cooking, cleaning and for industrial purposes. Water for drinking is less asthere is only 2.5 – 2.

75% of fresh water on earth. Mars contains water in theform of polar ice caps. Which means that we should melt the ice and then usefor other purposes.

As there is huge amount of sea water on earth. We shouldpurify it then shift it to water storage. Satellites water can be mined bymines from Asteroid and mars. Mars has 30% earth’s water.

This is huge amountof water which can be used for household works. Asteroid contain about 15% ofearths water which can be used for many purposes. First of all water from marsand asteroids will be checked properly. Then it will be transferred into waterstorage. 4.PURIFICATION OF SEA WATER: – As the amount ofdrinking water is less. Sea water will be converted into drinking water.

Asimple hurdle to convert sea water to drinking water is by boiling. We have toboil the sea water, and then dissolved salts are left at the bottom. Then thewater droplets are cooled down. This water is now ready for using.

5.AWARENESS OF WATER: – water is very useful and importantnatural resource as we have only limited amount of water. So we should notwaste and save as much as possible     FOOD: -Food is the basic requirement of living organisms to survive. In our structurethere is an area reserved for the production of food. According to therequirement of population the food will be produced in each torus.

Theagricultural robots will work in fields to produce crops required for livingorganisms. Humans also require cotton & Jute for clothing. The rearing ofsilk worm will also be done in the fields to produce silk for clothing. Foodcan be divided into 4 sub topics. They are : – 1. PRODUCTION OF FOOD FOR HUMANS 2. PRODUCTION OF FOOD FOR ANIMALS 3. PRODUCTION OF MANURE AND SOIL4.

PROCESS OF CULTIVATION5. CONCLUSION  1.PRODUCTION OF FOOD FOR HUMANS:- Humans require fruits,vegetables, commercial crops, eggs, meat, bread, milk products, fish, oils,salt, sugar and food crops. Fruits, vegetables, food crops and commercial cropscan be cultivated in fields by robots. Eggs and milk products will be obtainedby animals in farms. Bread, oils, salt and sugar will be obtained by foodindustries. Fish will not be available. The sea animals like fish, prawns,crab, etc will not be available in our structure.

Meat will be available atsuper markets and stores. It will be manufactured in industries through a cleanprocess. All the requirements in food which is present in earth will beavailable in space too such as fast food, junk food, and other foods. The foodwhich is obtained will go through a test which reports us about how healthy andharmful the food is.

Production of food will be limited. The food will beproduced according to the requirement.  2.

PRODUCTION OF FOOD FOR ANIMALS :- As we know animals aredivide into three types according to the food they eat. They are herbivores,carnivores and omnivores. Herbivores eat grass. Carnivores eat herbivores i.

e.cow, goat, sheep, etc. Omnivores eat both plants as well as animals. So theanimals are kept in a huge and separate  torus where the animals will have their food, water and suitableenvironment. Herbivores will have grass, carnivores will have animals andomnivores will have both of them. The grass will be grown which can be eaten bythe animals with the help of robots. These robots will take care of the environment.

 3.PRODUCTION OF MANURE AND SOIL: – Manure is very essentialto grow crops as it gives many useful components which help the crops to grow.Manure is obtained by dead animals, plants and human waste. The places inresidential areas will have a separate bin for biodegradable waste. This wastewill be collected and stored in the farms. Agricultural robots will take thismanure and mix it with the soil to make it fertile. Even plow, tractor, combineharvester, planter, cultivator, threshing machine are some of the machines usedfor agriculture in space. As soil is must for growing the crops.

Soil will betaken from earth as much as possible. The land of mars has the capacity to growcrops as it contains very useful nutrients required by the plants for theirgrowth. It is quite difficult to shift the soil of mars to the colony in space,so we will grow the crops in the surface of the red planet. The crops willrequire many nutrients from the soil, water, carbon dioxide & fertilizers.The soil already contains the required nutrients. Water will be given by therobots time to time to the crops.

The fertilizers will be produced in theindustries which will not harm the crops in any way. Mars have 95.3% of carbondioxide which will be sufficient for the growth of crops. So, large amount ofcrops can be cultivated on mars.  4.PROCESS OF CULTIVATION: – The process of cultivation will bedone on the surface of mars, as mars have the favorable conditions to grow acrop. The process of cultivation undergoes sowing, adding fertilizers, addingwater, harvesting and storage.

As the soil of mars is ready to grow crops,there is no need of loosening the soil. So the first step of agriculture onmars will be sowing. The seeds will be sowed in mars by robots and machines.The seeds will be of high yielding capacity. Then the robots will add therequired fertilizers for the growth of the crops. As growing of crops requirewater, we need a place to store water in mars itself. An area will be kept forstorage of water.

This water which is stored will be enough for growing crops.We will use drip irrigation method to pour water. It is the most convenientmethod of irrigation. The water storage will be connected to the dripirrigation pipes, which will pour the water to the crops. The harvested cropswill be sent to the industries in the colony by rockets.

In the industries thecrop will be removed from the plant. The harvested crop from the industrieswill be stored at a reserved place in industries space. The crops from herewill be distributed and sent to supermarkets, shopping centers, homes, etc. Nowthese crops and food products will be available to the people. 5.CONCLUSION:- The total process of growing crops will takeplace in mars. The gravity of mars is 3.7 and earth is 9.

8. Comparatively theearth’s gravity is greater. But the crops can be grown in mars.

All theprocesses involved in growing crops is on the surface of mars.                WASTEMANAGEMENT  :-The waste which will be generated by humans, animals and garbage which will beproduced by them should be divided into types that is biodegradable and non-biodegradable. The biodegradable waste will be used as manure which veryhelpful for them. The non- biodegradable waste cannot be disposed. It cannot bedissolved in the soil. This type of waste should be reduced and stopped.

Wastemanagement can be divided into 4 sub topics 1.DISPOSAL OF WASTE2.RECYCLING OF WASTE3.WASTE MANAGEMENT  ·       DISPOSALOF WASTE:- The waste produced by the humans likevegetable and fruit waste, leftover food, excreta etc which can be used asmanure will be helpful for agriculture . The waste like polythene bags, glass,rubber, plastics, metals and synthetic fibers are non- biodegradable waste.This type of waste should be used as it has many advantages and uses. The wastewhich is useful but non-biodegradable can be sent to near by celestial bodieslike meteors, asteroids and comets. The quantity of wastage should be incontrol, so that the disposal is easy.

If at all the waste which cannot be recycledor reused is produced, then it will be disposed in either earth or near bycelestial bodies.  2. RECYCLING OF WASTE:-The non-biodegradable waste can be recycled. As plastic bottles, glass bottles,polythene bags., etc are in common use, so they are recycled in the industries. the biodegradable waste can be formaking organic fertilizers for agriculture.