d. Identification of 24 critically polluted areas for pollution abatement and improving environment. e.

Use of beneficiated coal with an ash content not exceeding 34% irrespective of their distance from pit head. f. Action Plans for 141 polluted river stretches to improve quality of river water. g. For controlling vehicular pollution, progressive emission norms at the manufacturing stage have been notified, cleaner fuels like unleaded petrol, low sulphur diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) introduced. h.

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Identification of clean technologies for large industries and clean technologies/processes for small scale industries. i. Setting up of ‘Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) for clusters of SSI units.

j. Implementation of an Eco-mark scheme to encourage production/consumption of environment • friendly products. k. Preparation of a Zoning Atlas, indicating status of the environment at district levels to guide environmentally sound location/sitting of industries. l. Mandatory submission of annual Environmental Statement which could be extended into environ­mental audit.

m. Initiation of environmental epidemiological studies in seven critically polluted areas to study the impact of environment on health. n. Setting up of authorities like the Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Authority for the National Capital Region for protecting and improving the quality of environment and preventing, controlling and abating environmental pollution. o.

Provision of fiscal incentives for installation of Pollution control equipment and also for shifting of industries from congested areas.