b. Various kinds of physical activities help in developing the organic system and functioning of the body.

They also improve the abilities of human being to resist fatigue, to remain active and perform efficiently. c. Physical activities help in developing various kinds of intellectual qualities inherent in a child. Thus with the help of physical education, it is possible to develop children intellectually. d. By participating in various kinds of physical activities, children becomes emotionally mature. e.

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Generally, more than one player participate in physical activity and when people’ of different background and society come into personal contact with each-other, they learn to work in groups, with utmost co-operation and co-ordination. f. By participating in physical activities, qualities of group efforts, loyalty to the team and strong ties can be developed in participants. These qualities help in building a good moral character of the individuals. g.

To participate in any event, all the players are required to learn the fundamental skills and rules of the games as well. If they do not work according to the rules, they can be disqualified even from the game. h.

Human body is a composition of muscular and nervous systems, and to keep the body in proper condition, it is necessary to keep these systems fit and in good working conditions. These systems will function properly if there be a kind of co-ordination between them. Such kind of co-ordination can be developed with the help of various physical activities. Thus, physical education helps in developing the neuro-muscular systems of the human body. i. In all the team sports or in those activities in which more than one player participate, one player is appointed as the captain who functions as a leader. When such kind of act is done at school level, player working as a leader gets various qualities of self-confidence, intelligence and loyalty, which helps him not only in school time but throughout the life time.

j. When children or any individual participate in any sport or physical activity, the first thing that he is taught is that they are playing or participating in the game not to win but to perform well. k. Today, activities of physical education are being organised on national as well as on international levels. When players of more than one country take part in the games, they come in personal contact with each other. On the basis of above discussion it can be said that physical education plays a very important role in the modern world and everyone must participate in any kind of physical activity.