2. It helps us to understand the problem of dullness and backwardness in children.

3. The basic needs and mental characteristics of children at various ages and their educational implications are made clear by psychology. 4. The place of emotional factors in all aspects of school life is explained by psychology. 5. Psychology explains the nature of general intelligence and shows how to apply intelligence testing to various school problems. 6.

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Psychology helps in construction, use and application of achievement tests. 7. The constructions and applications of aptitude and diagnostic tests for identifying specific abilities and disabilities in children are possible through the help of psychology 8. Psychology has shown now the school records might be utilized for a better guidance of children. 9. Special methods for the education of superior children may be devised with the help of psychological findings. 10. The findings of the psychoanalytic school acquaint us with the various factors responsible for the creation of neurotics and problem-children.

11. Maladjusted children, behaviour difficulties and delinquen­cies and their relation to dullness and backwardness can be understood with the help of psychology. From the above it is clear that no teacher can afford to neglect the help of psychology in his arduous task of guiding young children.