2. There is no precondition for getting an ascribed status because is given by the society on the basis of its customs and traditions.

In contrast an achieved status requires certain preconditions. In order to achieve such a status a person has to fulfil certain conditions, prove his ability and efficiency. 3. Ascribed status has a great relationship with the customs, traditions and other cultural factors of society. It is mostly a tradition-based status. Achieved status is the result of personal accomplishments and is acquired in situation of competition. It has a limited relationship with the customs and traditions.

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4. Generally, ascribed status is based on age, sex, race, caste, kinship and tradition. The achieved status is based on qualities, capacities and abilities of the persons. 5. Ascribed status is more stable and more rigid.

Its basis does not easily change. Achieved status has an instable basis and so it is self-changeable. 6.

Ascribed status occupies a place of respect in a traditional society. In open and modern societies, the achieved status is given importance because in rests upon the personal qualities and achievements of each person. 7. In the case of ascribed status, the role of the authority and actions that flow from it are unpredictable because it is based on traditions which can be differently interpreted and used. In the case of achieved status, the role of authority and actions which flow from it are predictable because these are based on reason and evaluations.

8. In ascribed status there is a co-relationship between the status and role. In the achieved status, it cannot be said with certainty that there shall be a co-relationship between the achieved status and the role.

9. The ascribed status has a vital relationship with the internal aspects of the personality. It provides satisfaction to sentiments, emotions and feelings. Achieved status is the gift of one’s personal accomplishments and personal characteristics. 10.

Ascribed status is helpful in removing the difficulties and disabilities of the achieved status. Similarly achieved status is also helpful to remove the disabilities of the ascribed status 11. There is a relationship between the ascribed status and achieved status in so far as each can extend a helping hand to the other. The former can help a person to get an opportunity to achieve some achievements and the later can help former by increasing his prestige which can lead to a higher status. Both can be complimentary to each other.