Organizational body language gets manifested in its logo, letterhead, quality of stationary, website, quality of communication, etc. To create the right first impression, the company or organization sending the offer letter should take care to make the letterhead, typing elegance, content quality and the cover or envelope of the letter of a high standard. A good letter of employment would generally take into account the following: i. Mention the candidate’s name correctly ii. Make sure the address mentioned is right iii. Welcome the candidate iv. Mention the position and grade v. Mention the gross annual salary/cost to the company (CTC) vi.

Give the details of break-up of salary in terms of various allowances, provident fund (PF) and any other components like gratuity, pension scheme, etc. vii. Present location and transferability viii. Starting date and time ix. Validity period of the offer x.

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Annexure giving the other terms and conditions of the job offer which include, among others, the following: 1. Probation period 2 Office timings 3. Confidentiality clause 4. Notice period 5. Joining bonus, if any 6. Relieving letter from the previous employer The letter should be duly signed by the HR manager mentioning the date and place.

It would also be appropriate to end the letter on a positive note such as ‘Looking forward to having you on board’ and ‘Looking forward to the pleasure of having you with us.’ The employer should also ensure that the offer letter is despatched promptly, for any delay would give a poor impression about the organization.