3. Chaos and confusion prevailed in the entire country during the reign of the weak successors of Alauddin Khalji. Administration became weak due to negligence of the courtiers and royal officers.

4. The economic system of the country was destroyed completely. Agriculture, trade and commerce were ruined due to internal disturbances in the Sultanate. Malik Kafur, Mubarak Shah and Khusrau Shah also distributed wealth to the nobles in order to gain their favour. Thus they exhausted the royal treasury. 5. The realization to taxes became acute problems and annual tributes were not being sent by vanquished rulers.

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Thus the empty treasury and crippled economy created severe problems for Ghiasuddin Tughluq. 6. No doubt, discontentment was prevailing among the people since the days of Alauddin Khalji but as soon as a powerful Sultan was seated on the throne, things moved in proper order but with his death smouldering feelings of opposition burst into flames and burnt down the entire structure.

7. The New Muslims were also creating problems by concocting intrigues and hatching conspiracies. 8. Punjab and the frontier of India had become quite unsafe due to Khokhars. They distributed the peace of the country. 9. No doubt, Alauddin Khalji had curbed the power of Mongols and they dared not invade India after 1308 A.D.

but after his death, the Mongols again began attacking India which made the political condition of Punjab quite vulnerable. 10. The Hindus, specially the Rajupts had become aggressive and wanted to cast away the yoke of Muslim slavery. The Muslims were completely wiped off from the South. Thus to establish the reign of Islam again was an acute problem.

Although Ghasuddin was badly entrapped in these problems, he had the power and determination to come out of them. He resolved all these problems on the basis of virtues inherent in him.