2. Access:

Is the service accessible or delivered without little waiting?

3. Security:

Is the service free from danger, risk or doubt?

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4. Credibility:

How trustworthy and honest does the service provider appears to be?


Understanding the customer:

How much effort is made by the service provider to understand customers’ needs?

6. Responsiveness:

How willing are service employees to help customers and to deal with their specific problems?

7. Competence:

To what extent do employees possess the required skills and knowledge to perform the service? Is the Chartered Account a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India?



Are staffs polite and considerate to customers?

9. Tangibles:

How do physical facilities, equipments, personnel and communication materials look like? Are the waiters in proper and clean uniform?

10. Communication:

How good the organization is at communicating effectively?