1.     Introduction:Fora very long period of time the pet food industry is growing at a veryincreasing rate. The Industry has an estimated worth of 70 million dollars allover the earth.

The dog food is specially contributing the most of the money.Pet food industry of Bangladesh is also growing but the problem is there is nomanufacturer of pet food in our country. Most of the sales are done byimporters who sale their product at a very high price and the consumers have noother options but buying from them because of their lack of bargaining power.There are 37 types of dog breeds in Bangladesh out of 153 which are currently beingused adopted by owners. Other breeds are not capable of living in our hotenvironment. These dogs do not eat same kind of foods and they have differentneed of nutrition’s.

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As we have a vast consumer market to attain we decided tolaunch out brand “Hungry Canine”  2.      Brandname:Thename of our product is Hungry Canine which indicates the hunger of the dogs.Canine is basically the Latin or scientific name of a dog.

We are talking aboutthe Hunger of a dog because the amount of food a dog gets from an imported goodis not enough for a dog. There are other several reasons for the dog of samebreed in our country not having a healthy body other than the environment.   3.

      Ourpunch line: Thereis a tagline for our product too. Which is “Healthy dog happy you”. While wewere gathering data we encountered many dog owners who are not happy about thehealth of their dog and wants a good food.   4.      Companylogo: Wehave also created a logo for our company. The logo is representing a sign ofelectricity which is representing the power and health the dog is going to getfrom our products.

         5.    MarketLeader:The market leader for dog foodindustry is definitely Mars Pet care who have a revenue of $17,224,400,000 andhave Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Mars Petcare has more than45,000 Associates across 50 countries. They have a very diverse product line.They also provide training and selling of pet animal along with manufacturingfood. 6.    Competitors’ products: Although there is nomanufacturing company for dog food there are many products that is beenimported from many countries around the world. We are going to give a shortdescription about these products and their pricing.

    Product name Price 1 kg. Nutrish 1000 tk. Taste of The Wild 970 tk. Whole Earth Farms 920 tk.

Beyond 900 tk. Blue Buffalo 900 tk. Naturals 750 tk. Iams 720 tk.    7.    Marketdescription: The current market of dog food isvery expensive for the middle and lower-middle class of our country. And theproduct is not also available in everywhere.

Some of the quality product isvery hard to find. The country is in a need of a supplier. With the highquality product and affordable pricing strategy “Hungry Canine” is going tocapture the market of dog food industry. We are aiming to become a marketleader of the whole industry of Bangladesh within 5 years.