Module”Language and Linguistic”Language has its ownpart in human life that becomes a whole aspect in socializing and communicating.While linguistics is as a container in perfecting the language such as the useof grammar, aspects of conversation about what, when, where, etc. As a futureteacher, I want to emphasize also that linguistic learning is not too easy andtoo difficult, if as a teacher is able to understand linguistic concepts itwill be easy to make learners who want to learn the language (e.g. English).

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The impact on their learners can fulfill linguistic functions in good language. 2.     Module”The Origin of Language and Human VS Animal Languages”Theorigin of the language is still a difficult case to solve, ranging from trust,myth, temporary research, etc. In this module includes the differences of humanlanguage and animals. Human language is the language we have been using, and soare the animals that use their language in communicating with other animals.Human and animal languages ??have the same goal of interaction. However, certainlynot the same language that animals use with humans, humans tend to be more ableto master the letters in pronunciation likevowel and consonant. In contrast to the animals that as listed by CharlesHockett is using sound signal, arbitrariness, cultural transmission,discreteness.

  Regardinghuman and animal language, I think that this topic gives me a broad knowledgeof the language. At first I thought that the animal is not a body but just acode in its life. Apparently, many researchers are talking about it like howthe language of animals, what features they use to make it as communication,etc. In addition, this topic also includes the element of education, thegeneral knowledge of science and social that makes me not only to know about aspectsof language but also general knowledge of the origin language. 3.

     Module”The Study of Human Speech Sounds: consonant, vowel, and syllables”In this module, thereis an explanation of how the process produces words from the human speechorgans. It includes:·        Placeof Articulation: Theplace of articulation is the place to process the reflection or air constrictionto produce sound (e.g. Bilabials, labiodentals)·        TheVowel Sounds: The basic sound produced from the place of articulation. Theletters in the vowel sounds are the letters of the alphabet (A, I, U, E, O)·        ConsonantSounds: Sound that is not the basic sound generated by the place ofarticulation due to the air flow that rubs against the pronunciation organs.All letters of the alphabet except (A, I, U, E, O) are consonants.·        Syllables:Fragments of words or called “suku kata”.·        Thefeatures of Co-articulation: Assimilation and Elision·        Etc.

 Each feature hasdifferent functions, such as vowel sound that helps generate basic lettersounds (a, i, u, e, o), so it is opposite to consonant sounds that do notproduce basic letter sounds. In Fact, this learning can be used in academiccontexts such as language or literature classes, the above features willgreatly assist learners in terms of language and distinguish the sounds ofspeech produced. 4.     Module”The Study of Morphemes”The discussion based onthis module outline is covering morphology, morphemes, and words. In general,morphology is the science that discusses the basic word structure. Meanwhile,morpheme is a linguistic study that has meaning and also become the object ofstudy of morphology.

In addition, the word definition is the smallest unit thatcan stand on its own. The word will be a sentence if there are additional wordsin front of it, so there is a separation between words with one another tobecome writing. In the academic context this thing must have been included asteaching materials that must be taught. In fact, sad to know there are stillmany people who do not even understand what it is a word or sentence.

As afuture teacher, I think this is one solution to introduce the differences ofwords, sentences, and morphemes. Effective or not it will depend on the methodused by the teacher, but in general this concept provides high education on theword structure that is appropriate to use according to the conditions andsituations.