§  H?tels& the Catering industry as we kn?w started in the 19th century with thedevel?pment ?f maj?r cities, easier sea travel & c?ming up ?f railways.

DuringM?gul rule, the f?rts & their surr?undings w?uld cater t? the needs ?f thetraveller ?ften in exchange f?r n? m?re than the st?ry ?f their adventures duringtheir travel ?r any news fr?m ?ther t?wns and villages they passed by. in india,resting h?uses called serais/sarais and dharamshallas were established ?n highways by kings and emper?rs ?f ancient and medieval peri?ds. M?vement ?f pe?pleb?th p?litical and pilgrimage stressed the need f?r better and impr?ved facilitiest? cater t? the varied needs ?f the vari?us classes ?f the s?ciety.§  M?st?f m?dern h?tels that spr?uted were managed by Eur?pean families. The B?mbay h?telwas ?pened in 1799. The British br?ught m?dern h?tels t? K?lkata.

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The ?ldestwas J?hn Spence’s H?tel. Spence’s, the first ever h?tel in Asia was ?pened t?the public in 1830. The credit f?r ?pening the first Western style h?telunder the name ?f British H?tel in B?mbay in 1840, g?es t? Pall?njee Pest?njeewas the first h?tel t? give a la carte and table de hôte menu.Then came the Auckland h?tel by David Wils?n in Calcutta in the year 1840-41 (n?w- The Great Eastern H?tel – ?fficially Lalit Great Eastern H?tel) is a c?l?nialera h?tel in the indian city ?f K?lkata – f?rmerly Calcutta) and C?nnemara h?telin madras in the year 1870 by E. A. ?akshr?ff. But n?w this pr?perty bel?ngs t?Taj gr?up.

§  in1971-72, a beautiful palace ?f Rajasthan was linked up t? the Taj, the lakepalace in Udaipur, a marble dream, afl?at lake pich?la and the Rambagh palace, ?riginallycreated at the height ?f Rajput splend?ur in Jaipur. in 1903 he raised finance investedhis ?wn m?ney, hired the best architects and craftsmen and build the exquisitelybeautiful Taj Mahal h?tel in B?mbay with 220 r??ms. M?han Singh ?ber?i t??kCarlt?n h?tel in Shimla ?n lease in 1927, renamed as Clarks h?tel. He t??k a buildingin 1933 and built grand h?tel in Calcutta.